Friday, January 20, 2017

As Ms. Scarlett said,

"Tomorrow is another day."  And that is the only thing that carried me through today.  Well, that and a lot of music making!

It was hard to narrow down slogans (especially after it was pointed out to me that I had to set an elegant example for the students~ahem), but I went with these.  And the Spanish teacher somehow managed to find time to knit kitty caps for all of us!  

Am looking forward to this experience. this article helps articulate why I feel like this Woman's March is something vital in which to participate. Stay tuned for an incredible blog post to come.

(I don't know why my hyperlink isn't working, so here's the url:


  1. I found the pattern for the hats, but do I own pink yarn? I do not. Oh, well. I have a lovely gray blue...

    1. I've heard there's a shortage of pink yarn around The world.