Friday, January 27, 2017

field trippin'

All y'all know how I love a good field trip~and some of my favorite ones are the ones that I take myself on. As yesterday was a half-day, I scooted up to Baltimore to catch the Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit before it left.  It was my first visit to the museum, so I enjoyed roaming around the rest of the galleries.

For some reason, Chagall makes me smile.

From 2012, but still pretty funny.

It's not quite my room of pennies that I loved in Austin, but this beaded curtain was lots of fun to click-clack through.  Wonder if the guard standing next to it can hear beads clicking on his days off? 

Random copper box~thought it was cool to see reflections in it.

This was an ugly sculpture from the outside, but once you stood inside and twirled, it was like being inside a kaleidoscope~definitely will go back to this.

Couldn't get the focus to work because of the glass glare, but this was made by rubbing a basketball in street grime in Harlem and then bouncing it on the canvas.  You could see the ball seams~rather interesting.  A little drab to hang in one's living room, though.

Hard to see, but this is a carved painting. 

Always take a shot of any Rothko for my friend, Angela.

This was the coolest thing~impossible to see via a photo.  This was an air shaft/cut away between floors and they angled mirrors so that you were never quite sure where/what you were seeing.  If I leaned one way, I could see myself, another direction and I would another floor.  This particular shot was of a visitor on the floor below. 

Shower curtain of Dave Eggers prose.

And finally, some delish pizza at Joe Squared.  A lovely city outing.


  1. Ah, another great museum, although we really MUST get you a camera that can focus basketball schmear!

    1. It was a lovely museum! Don't know of a camera tjat will focus against glass glare.