Tuesday, January 31, 2017

power of words

With all the divisive, ugly, and truly damaging rhetoric flying around the globe at present~took the opportunity at last night's Small Community gathering to talk about the power of words.  Then, I taped a blank piece of paper on everyone's back and handed out markers.  They spent several jabbering moments running around the room and writing compliments on each other's backs.  

I've done this exercise before~there's something about the pseudo-anonymity that works for honest kind words to just pour out. 

We spent the rest of the time playing Scrabble and Bookopoly and most of them talked about how worried they are about getting back into the US at the end of Spring Break.

While I've had some wild conversations with students~this topic is a new and scary one.

But, for this one night~we ate Valentine candy and had shrieking fun over board games with our international friends/classmates.


  1. Aw, this is always a good one.

    This weekend has been beyond words. We're spending TONS of time with friends just now, because everyone is upset. Our (Korean) friend, our green-card-carrying friends, our Romanian buddy - everyone wants to spend time, be close, to talk. I am exhausted, and yet I understand. Today D went to a protest and I just... couldn't. I am reaching my quota for the day - and yet. This fight has been going on for years, and will go on, and just because people have a renewed sense of urgency (now that it's hitting some of THEM), that doesn't mean I have to kill myself just now... so I'm giving myself permission to back away from some challenges and just ...read a book.

    Or eat cake.

    1. Yes. Seven of the girls in these photos don't know if they'll be able to get back to school after they go home for spring break/senior projects. Surreal & horrifying.

  2. Yes, read a book, Laurie. I'm sure the last image showed compliments you deservedly earned. Blessings on the girls afraid about being let back - perhaps they should wait to see how things play out and not leave the US for break. I know students who have done so.

    1. They already have their tickets~plus, the seniors each working on their culminating project & they have to finish those to graduate.