Monday, January 2, 2017

scenes from the new year

I was amused to see a beach full of people~waiting for the the drizzling rain.  Guess they thought that facing east was an auspicious way to kick off 2017?  The following are random shots from my beach jaunt, in no particular order.

Kites on New Year's Eve. 

Every pathway from the beach to the street has whimsical sea creatures~it's a nice way to remember which street you need to find. 

Lookin' for that miracle. 

Had some delicious Chinese take-away for the last meal of 2016~these paper cranes lined the walkway.

This gull was determined to carry the little black stick around.  He had just dropped it for the umpteenth time in this shot.   It was amusing to watch new beach visitors start to toss bread to the birds and then freak out when the entire zip code of gulls swarmed them.  

Soul soothing. 

None of these photographs come close to capturing the twinkliness of miles and miles of Christmas lights.  


Santa leaving to go back home for the year. 

Now that I've heard AND seen the mermaids, I think it's safe for me to eat peaches this year.  (And if you'e no idea what I'm referencing~go review your college lit courses.)

One of my favorite mythological gods~and a great statue.

A compass with no headings.  Hmm. 

♬♫♬ Under the boardwalk, down by the seeeeheee ♬

Managed to rise in time to snag the last paper from the kiosk~even though it was rumpled and appeared semi-used. The barista looked at it and simply handed it to me for free "in case it's missing any sections." How nice was that??!  

A gorgeous and smooth little shell~am guessing that it may inspire a haiku later this week.  Savoring all the lovely things I got to experience during my break~all the fun visits, lights, presents, food.  Now to plan the next good things to anticipate.

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