Friday, January 13, 2017

inferior frontal convolutions

Everyone thinks the brain is so complicated,
but let’s look at the facts. The frontal lobe,
for example, is located in the front! And
the temporal lobe is where the clock is.
What could be simpler?
The hippocampal fissure is where big, dumb
thoughts camp, while at the Fissure of Rolando
dark-skinned men with one gold earring lie
around the fire and play guitars.
The superior frontal convolution is where
a lot of really nice houses are set back off
a twisty road, while the inferior frontal
convolution is a kind of trailer park, regularly
leveled by brainstorms.
The area of Broca is pretty much off limits.
And if you know Broca, you know why.

"Geography of the Forehead" by Ron Koertge from Geography of the Forehead

And?  As I have the weekend off~this sign is true!


  1. Ron Koertge is an amazing poet and has written extensively for children's lit. I had a fun opportunity to interview him.

    1. What a cool thing!!! His style reminds me a bit of O. Nash.