Thursday, January 12, 2017

small mysteries

Of all the things I have found left on my desk over my career, this was one of the strangest. A couple hours into the day, I got an email from someone saying that they had been cleaning out a drawer and found this and knew I was the perfect person to gift it to.  Guess my reputation as a baker and lover of being in the kitchen has already spread.

I tucked these away for my upcoming minimester sesh The Joys of Cooking. 


  1. I still think that we win for weirdest thing left from a move: those glitter covered Easter eggs on the furnace. I ... just left them right where they are, in case they're warding off some Cadbury-related juju.

    1. Okay~yes, that takes the blue ribbon for oddities! At least these came with an email explanation.

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