Wednesday, February 1, 2017

'cause you can't stop

"the motion of the ocean...."  If you haven't watched/heard Hairspray, I encourage you to do so.  It's just great fun.

We finally got ONE hour on the stage today (remind me to never take a job where sports are the life blood of a community/ethos) and the cast had such fun.

Am enjoying sparkles and glitter and music while it's still allowed under this regime.


  1. Hah, you say that about every school, about reminding you to avoid sports... your last school was like this, too. Since they were ACTIVELY SEEKING someone to start a music program, you would THINK they would accord you a bit more respect and time, but they think you're just going to pull a music program out of a hat, apparently.

    You need to stop fulfilling all of their fantasies, obviously. Because since you keep doing it even with substandard space and time, they keep demanding it, the eejits.


    1. Count down clock is almost out of triple digits!