Tuesday, February 21, 2017

feelin' saucy

This morning's theme was the colours of the Italian flag~red, white, and green.  

The girls are so proud of what they're doing and amazed at how easy it is to create delicious food out of basically three ingredients. 

They're also forced to endure MY playlist while cooking~Kanye just doesn't cut it in my home. 

We ended up with amazing sauces~a very kicky marinara, a perfectly peppery Alfredo, and some pesto so fresh it just about walked around one's plate.  

These miniature dishes from Anthropologie are the perfect size for this kind of class and tastings.

I think Grandma Dunston would be quite happy that happy girls are using her flatware.

Some delish bread with garlic cloves baked directly in it.  And no, we aren't tackling yeast breads this term.  This afternoon brings a guest cook and casseroles!  Buon appetit indeed.


  1. ...are they joking!? No, Kanye isn't something grown ups listen to without being forced!!!! My field trip car music rule was Don't Even Ask. It worked. And yes, Ms. Davis IS "so mean."

    1. Whomever is driving jas FULL control over the music choice. AND, more importantly, the volume at which it is played.