Sunday, February 19, 2017

cooking, joy of

Quarter found on yesterday's walk~where I spent much of the time mulling over my upcoming two week class on cooking.  11 teenaged cooks will be in my care~stay tuned for riotous times in the kitchen.   (I set off the fire alarms in the dorm yesterday just by pre-heating my oven.  We're going to be good friends with the fire department by the end of this course.)

What the motto of every potluck should be!


  1. Preheating your oven set off the fire alarm? Must be some old equipment! Do you make your own plans for this segment?

    1. The oven is fine~just hyper sensitive smoke detectors (which I don't understand as this is a modern building).

      And yup~just winging my way through!

  2. You will do great. You have experience, and you enjoy cooking.

  3. I think one of the classes I enjoyed most was teaching cooking on Fridays - but my kids were K-3 and so we did a bit of math - measuring water and flour from spoonfuls to cupfuls and figuring out how many of each and what... and then making pancakes, crepes and pretzels to learn about what we use for leavening... We also learned about solids vs. liquids when we made pudding. GOOD TIMES. Such good times. And, Lord have mercy, the mess.

    Good luck.