Friday, February 3, 2017

all that glitters

is fabulous, in my book.  We are glittering everything we can spray with Mod-Podge (best invention ever).

Whimsical librarian decoration.


  1. I saw a Youtube about a woman spray painting her nails, after applying a bottom clearcoat and a topcoat... somehow, I think spray ModPodge could be used in this same way... if you had a bunch of cute napkins and cut out pics from them and then adhered them to your nails like some bizarre decoupage project... of course, this would mean you had nails of some length, which I never do... But still! CrafterGoals.

    1. That sounds like a time-consuming nail project! Maybe I'll use it for the next social thing. My nails are always piano-playing-short, so not much to decorate.