Monday, February 20, 2017

Souper fun

Our nation may be disintegrating and imploding, but for today?  Eleven girls now know how to make three kinds of soup from scratch.

We opened all the windows to enjoy the weirdly warm weather, played French cafe music, and laughed a lot.   The only error was when I walked away after telling a couple of them to "coat the bottom of the pan with the rosemary oil."  When I returned, they had enough oil to make french fries...

Surprisingly (to me), the broccoli soup was the first one gone, with the potato coming in second.  As there are some 'shroom haters in the group, that is the only one left. 

Good to the dredges.  Stay tuned for sauces and casseroles tomorrow.


  1. Except that they use paring knives to chop onions (!!!) they look to be somewhat professional in their endeavors. (No bloodshed? Really????) They need wee aprons now.

    1. I only have one large knife & had five girls chopping items. They did great! Some of them were texting their moms to tell them that they can make soup now.