Wednesday, February 22, 2017

city mice

I often wish that I taught at some kind of experiential school~where it is all field trips, all the time.  So, even though I had to drive the bloody bus, I was super-excited to be taking the students to DC to have lunch and then visit Julia Child's kitchen in The Smithsonian.

Lunch was at Ben's Chili Bowl which is a beloved DC (and now world-wide with several cooking shows featuring it) institution.  One reason I love it, is that they offer a full vegetarian menu~which rarely happens outside of California.

But the most incredible part was when Miss Virginia (owner/founder) came over to chat with us and discovered that our school was from her home town!  She talked to each and every student~causing the Washington Post reporter who was there~to wait until Ms. V had her fill of conversation and photos.

Then?  Just to make it a smidge more surreal~the head chef came out because his sister went to our school and his mama still lives around the corner from us.  Another round of conversations and photos.

Incredible to speak to a woman who watched the DC riots out this window after MLK was assassinated. Her walls are covered with world leaders and celebrities who have all come to meet her and eat some delicious chili. 

(For those who always whinge that there are photos of me~there will be more as the yearbook editor was along with us.  But I don't have them yet.)

We were all buzzing with that excitement (and perhaps a bit of a sugar high from the super-thick milkshakes we had) when we arrived at The Mall. 

It was such a nice day that I had them get off one Metro stop early, so they could walk and take photos.  All these visits I've done over the years and I've yet to see the famed cherry blossoms.

Can't wait to see our group shots of every yelling this phrase~loudly.  Most of the tourists thought it was amusing.

For the French to admit that this American woman could cook is quite a nod.

Memories of my Napa chapter~pretty cool to say that I sang for several of his parties and poured gallons of his wine.

And since we had a bit of free time~the other chaperone and I decided that a walk through the Butterfly Room in the Natural History Museum sounded fun.  One landed on her hair and hung out for about 10 minutes. 

She is thinking of going to a butterfly reserve in Costa Rica to work next year. Think this is a pretty good sign that she ought to do so! 

With so many flitting around~you can actually hear them.  Pretty cool. 

One little boy said in his most accusing tone that he didn't think moths should be in the room. 

A quick jaunt past the Hope Diamond (it wasn't here last May) and then we hit the Metro to get to the bus to drive two hours back to our hamlet.

Ended the day by feeling SO empowered as I managed to back the bus into it's parking slot and I came home with the same group of teens with whom I left.


  1. Replies
    1. I am lucky~ have a great groups of students (some of The minimesters are too full of petty fighting.)

  2. Wow, you had a NICE day in DC, lack of cherry blossoms notwithstanding. Someday I'll go back, but it was just horrifying when I was there... in July...

    1. It was warm & icky, but not at the July level I'm sure! Not looking forward to summer~remembering those Jersey summers where one couldn't get air into one's lungs. Must live near good swimming soon!