Thursday, May 31, 2018


For two years (here), I've been getting my hairs fixed at the Aveda Institute and while I sit/wait for processing, I've been eying La Tasca across the street from my chair for the same amount of time.

Finally got to try some of their menu today and it was worth the wait!! Cheese is one of my best friends and to discover that you can fry Manchego and dip it in honey orange marmalade was a revelation. 

Also tasted Idiazabal cheese for the first time and will be using it in future risottos. Aside from the wonder of the food, it was some solid hours of catching up with a good friend. Soul & body were well fed.

And now to address the panic of having NO garlic in my abode. How that happened, I am unclear but it needs to be fixed immediately.


  1. Smiling from across the sea where I had garlic TWICE IN ONE DAY.