Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Keats, come to life

Don't know that it is particularly mellow this week, but it is misty.

Grades go 'live' tonight, so girls are edgy & anxious~and disbelieving when you tell them that no one in Real Life cares about high school grades.  


  1. Hah. Well, I guess they would be disbelieving.
    It occurs to me over and over how much we - society, anyway - catastrophizes so much of what happens during our young adult years. You get a kiss from a boy you're not dating? Well - just one of those things that happens. You make a choice not in keeping with your values? Well, just one of those bad choices. Choose again. But, too often in books and in media, everything seems so WEIGHTED, so overwhelmingly important. No wonder everyone is so anxious and wound up. No wonder suicide rates climb and everything feels like it's knife-edge balanced between triumph and tragic. Saying "lighten up" is pointless, as a person who is always anxious myself. But I think we adults should be trying to do what we can to downplay the importance of Every Little Thing, truly...

  2. I would think that the qualities of redemption & mercy would be offered at a Christian school. While one's pre-frontal lobes are still developing, it's good to be somewhere where the adults will catch you & help you up again. Just got through my lunch conferences sans tears~the return of the sun has helped everyone's spirits this week.