Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bribery~it's not just for small or recalcitrant children

I need to find another word for 'stunning', but that it what I feel when I walk around the corner and see leaves and sky like this. 

My reward for staying in school this week~don't know how I've gone all these years sans a cast-iron skillet, but that was rectified with a couple of Amazon clicks.  Looking forward to breaking these in!


  1. Got a lidded cast iron skillet - almost as good as a Dutch oven, and someday I'll get the kind with legs - but those are speeeeeendy, and I haven't yet done anything THAT good.

    I'm saving that for, like, a book-related thingy. For finishing my last book, I bid on a handful of brooches from Goodwill online - you can buy lots of this and that, for art supplies! Yes, we all have our little weird joys... but old brooches happen to be one of mine...!

    1. These were so inexpensive~dont know why I never bought one before.

      Bribes are SO important.