Sunday, October 30, 2016


Didn't know that the fun Penzey Spice shop had tucked this in my shopping bag yesterday.

Italian balsamic vinegar hangin' with Virginia honey... 

watched over by my miniature Bocca della verita from Rome.


  1. A "mouth of truth," huh? Is this where if you feed it something that has artificial flavors, the mouth bites off the spoon?

    I kind of laugh how the "preaching to the choir" crowd keeps plastering "VOTE!" signs everywhere. I'm fairly sure we're the wrong people to talk to... although I've had to talk my sibs into it, because if they can't check a single box, it feels too much to them like homework, I guess. ::eye roll::

    1. I'm thinking this will be the most energized voting that I've ever seen~will be interesting to see the numbers.