Saturday, October 29, 2016

restoration of soul

A Dallas friend introduced me to these fun boxes~got an Italian one in the post on Thursday. 

The amaretti cookies are divine! 

The porcini risotto from the box.

Continuing with good food, escaped to Carytown today with a colleague.  Delightful street in Richmond with all kinds of fun shops and cafes.  JUST what I needed after 18 days of non-stop working. 

Still restocking my kitchen after the move.

Detailing of a new headband from a gorgeous vintage shop~it had a nice mixture of actual vintage clothing/accessories and then recreations of old dress patterns.    And I got to enjoy Texas temperatures while strolling around all day!


  1. What a pretty headband.
    I've just determined that what I like is old brooches; my fave is from the 50's, so I bought some cheap ones from Goodwill and am taking apart some of them for magnets, but repurposing others as headband decorations.