Sunday, October 16, 2016

visual feasting

The upside to living in a sitch where one feels smothered and suffocated is the exquisite JOY one feels starting one's car and fleeing the place.  After a solid 48 hours of being ON and on-duty, I took myself on my first trip to Richmond.

Hard to kiss a spitting frog

As it is a gorgeous autumnal day, the first stop was at the Botanical Gardens.  

The rose garden was still going strong and smelled lovely. 

Disappointed that the Japanese Maples hadn't turned colours yet.

Bamboo mini-forest

 The one red branch in the garden~gorgeousness!

Some swamp flower that I deigned to put my finger in. 

Inside the conservatory.

Unclear as to why there was a thatched cottage in the conservatory~no signage or anything to explain.

Dancing Lady orchids that smelled like the tropics. 

The ubiquitous butterfly bench. 

Cool use of an old bicycle in the community garden in which they grow food for the local food bank,

which was right beside the apiary garden and hives.

A final view of the frogs as I made my way downtown to the VMFA

Delightful to see familiar forms of Chihuly sculptures at the entrance.

Didn't understand at all why the snippy docent wouldn't let me take one of these Tiffany lamps to the checkout~I'm on the lookout for a new reading lamp. 

A lovely outing and now my soul has enough urban culture to face the upcoming week.


  1. I have good friends who live in Richmond, so I know they can suggest nice places to go next time - but seems you managed well for your first outing alone! Cheers to that.

    1. Going back in a couple of weeks with a native~but always happy for suggestions!