Thursday, October 27, 2016

not for the birds

A corn pudding concoction put my new skillet to use~filled the apartment with glorious scents of garlic and Parmesan.  All the seasons have their pluses, but Autumn remains a favorite~the chilled air makes baking fun again!  


  1. So, corn and cheese and garlic and ...?
    When I think of corn pudding, I think either of the sweet New England "Hasty Pudding" (aka "Indian" Pudding because Hello, Britain, no, corn doesn't come from India), or this Southern thing. Parmesan isn't usually a contender. Hope it was good!

  2. Made a white sauce (with plenty of cayenne pepper), whisked in an egg or two & poured it over frozen corn. Baked at 375 until it was crunchy. Leftovers are heating for lunch as I type.