Monday, July 17, 2017

all things Getty

It's astonishing that there are 16-lane freeways here and traffic is super heavy.  We are guessing that we covered about 300 miles over the weekend~feel as though I've seen a fair chunk of this region.

The last outing was to the Getty Museum near Bel Air.  Gorgeous grounds.

This water labyrinth was my favorite thing seen. 

I also enjoyed the concrete poetry exhibit and the one of the design and building of Disney Hall~unfortunately, photographs were not allowed in that one.   

I was also disallowed to climb up by this sculpture to kiss the frog that the boy is holding. ;)

Intriguing sculpture garden near the tram station.

And this is a neighbor's beautiful succulent yardscaping.  Off at 0-dark-hundred to catch the coastal train northwards.


  1. We've been once to the Getty Museum - pretty amazing!

    1. The grounds & architecture are gorgeous.

  2. I've only ever been by the Getty on the freeway... all sixteen lanes of it. UGH, there is really not a lot to redeem Southern California - but it's pretty in small bursts, and it looks as if it's still nice from all the extra rain this year (and the fact that they water there while we have water rationing down here. Am I a leetle tetchy on the subject??? Oh, nooo.)

    1. It was a good visit, but I need not ever return. SoCal is not my milieu.