Sunday, July 9, 2017

trip, field

A gorgeous sunny day beckoned us to come and explore Sonoma.

I would love an outdoor kitchen. 

Difficult to tell, but these are chicken wire rain clouds with prism raindrops~very pretty in real life.

The Wishing Tree~you wrote your wish on a ribbon and tied it to the sculpture. 

Part of the Sunset Magazine garden plot.

Metal poppies. 

Free dark chocolate for the win.

And more delicious Mexican food~enhanced by the very loud/large party next to us.   Wish I had recorded the man who was an expert in all things food~from the Linzer cookies to how one soaks Ladyfingers in eXpresso and ad nauseum.  Ended with a short stroll through Benecia for some breezes off the water and ice cream.

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  1. Should have photographed my avocado rellano, but it wouldn't have looked like much of anything...