Friday, July 14, 2017

I said goodbye

I said goodbye to old keys,
faded welcome mats, too-
chipped porcelain, torn feelings,
and fragmented dreams.
I said goodbye to past things
that were no longer true;
bad connections,
warped reflections,
and high expectations
I couldn't hold to.
I said goodbye to old pain,
bitter tears and dull varnish;
so long wishes that waned,
or got covered with tarnish.
I said goodbye to old keys
that open doors obsolete-
'bye to staying too long
when it's better to leave.
And goodbye to the Land of Fabricated Ideals;
goodbye make-believe.
Hello what-is-real.
Goodbye over-thinking,
hello let-it-be.
I said, Hello cloudless mind,
rolling hills,
and new scenes.

~Susan Frybort


  1. What a delightful poem - would that it were entirely true!

  2. Agree - the poem is amazing - hope your key to a "new life" is just as amazing.

  3. It's good for all seasons~not just the season of moving house.