Monday, July 10, 2017


Still soaking in the California goodness.

Walking around the Benicia harbor. 

Since I've been in the hinterlands for a year, I still will go on ANY errand that involves shops and civilization.  V. happy that I did so today as I stumbled upon an H&M store and found a nice t-shirt on sale.

And to end another day of good eating and conversations~was gifted with these lovely Unakite hair clips.  Now to cram in the rest of the guest room stack of books before the next jaunt begins.


  1. Good thing you took your big suitcase!

  2. Still not quite as... er, attuned to the allure of the palm tree, but they look good in a breeze...? I guess? Or, maybe it's just the breeze that's so welcome...

    1. Guess they're a quintessential Cali icon for me. And yes, the breezes will be remembered fondly in the eastern miasma.