Saturday, July 15, 2017

days of goodness

The cheery elephant on my pillow.

Went to downtown Riverside for lunch yesterday.

Parked just as the carillion were chiming.

The Mission Inn & Spa is a stunning venue for pretty much anything.

Lunch was pretty & quite tasty~ignore the weird red shade cast by the umbrellas.  I didn't manage to catch a snap of the birds who were HELPING themselves to our bread basket.  I thought Austin grackles were assertive.  Oy.

Incredible detail to beauty and elegance in every nook and cranny of this property~I can only imagine what it's like during the holiday season.

Apres lunch brought the taxing excursion to choose juuuuust the right cupcake  (dark chocolate and peanut butter for those inquiring.) 

The experience was enhanced by darling little boxes, pink forks and even a pink receipt.

Penny found and deftly picked up off the asphalt.  It hit 105 today, so rather toasty.  Dropped by some of The Grands (G's grandchildren) and had an amusing tour by a five-year old to meet her two chickens, two dogs, a fish, two caterpillars, and one Monarch chrysalis.

And then one of the nicest treats of the weekend was doing a vespers service with Ging at her parents' residence.  So many Lincoln City/piano/flute/singing memories! The residents were so welcoming and had some tales to tell.  The visit with her parents was bittersweet and an excellent reminder to savor what you can, as long as you can.

Then, back to the gorgeous fountain to cook/eat a delicious meal and sit still.

Another penny found and now am tucked in, under a pleasant ceiling fan.  Beach scenes coming soon.


  1. Love, love. We need to get you a video of noted waterfall in motion, to post.

  2. Lovely settings - delicious food - good company. Glad you are having some connection/relax time, Laurie.

    1. It's turning out to be exactly the summer I needed.

  3. Hard to imagine G with grandchildren!