Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Snoopy, slurpees, & stickers

Always happy when my brekkers has a Christmas theme.  The server overheard me exclaiming that LAX has Tapitio in individual packets and he swanned back to our table with some local goodness.

Despite all of us living/going to school in this vicinity, none of us had ever been to the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.  A museum that is well worth the visit!

Displaying this for all my remaining birthdays.

Christo actually wrapped Snoopy's home for a project.

Replica of the office.

This mural was a two-story mural of cartoon panels.

Used some of my lucky coinage to created a smushed penny.

A Snoopy labyrinth~little different from prior labyrinth walks.

As I was typing away at the museum, a docent came up and said that I was showing my age by the speed at which I was typing.  Good thing he wasn't working for tips.

As I was scrolling through my social feed, saw that 7/11 was giving free slurpees today and we handily were driving by one, so we stopped.  Think it's been decades (if ever) that I've had one.

Continuing our day of elementary fun, we stopped at a sticker outlet~they also print wine labels there and this one cracked me up.

Finished the outing by swinging by the Petaluma Adobe House (if any of y'all are 4th grade teachers, they do a cool overnight field trip experience.)


  1. Had no idea there was a museum there! Guess you have to be a tourist to really do the fun stuff in the area?

    1. I was just going to post the date!

  2. Since the museum opened in 2002, well after we were graduated and away, we have a good excuse for not having visited. The Ice Arena was there when I was in high school, though.