Saturday, February 9, 2019


Blue Tango in the Botanical Garden

Finally had some free hours AND the government is back in business~which means all the museums and galleries are open again. It was just a divine afternoon. 

Most places were packed, so I was delighted to have a bit of solo time in this fun interactive room.

The artist of above installation.

I know I've posted this before, but it fascinates me how the random letters/numbers create a face.

Feasting on colours, and art, and a bit of pizza, and hours of city walking was just what my soul needed.

This room made of foil amuses me. And astonishes, on one level.

I've heard it's all around.

The courtyard in the National Portrait Gallery is getting ready for an orchid exhibit.

While I was sitting and admiring~fell into a random conversation with Gail. We had a lovely exchange about the need for quiet and beauty and art.

Turns out that she's a Jehovah's Witness from South Africa and she popped in from running the curb kiosk to warm herself. A beautiful connection and interweaving of a few moments.

And then? I made the mistake of thinking that everyone else was out on social/fun Saturday night activities and popped into Trader's for my weekly shopping. Oy to the vay. The lines were Christmas-level in length.

But I am utterly thrilled that I have not ONE single thing on my calendar tomorrow. I fully intend to not interact nor groom all day. I will be tackling my first sourdough bread baking, so stayed tuned.


  1. I love shadow stuff like that, too - and am always looking for weird shadows to photograph. This has some good ones.