Sunday, February 3, 2019

the fun side of snow

After some grumpiness over losing paying hours and dicey/icky commutes this past week, it was fun to actually have some fun with the snow. Got to spend some time with my Littles~they had a bit of cabin fever after spending the entire week at home. Snow angels were made and many shrieking sled trips were had down both the front/back yards. I didn't have my phone out, but we had a lot of rosy-cheeked fun.

We managed to get airborne in the sled and take out a driveway light, so it was hugely successful in our book.

Then it was time for a Christmas movie and popcorn. I hadn't seen Santa Paws II and while I wouldn't recommend it, it was fun to watch the kids watch the movie.

The littlest one still isn't quite sure about me. She'll deign to play with me for a bit and then wants her Mama. 

Soaking up the remaining baby hours.


  1. I love it: "Soaking up the baby hours"! They are fleeting for sure. Glad you enjoyed J's and A's fun in the snow and the vicarious movie.

    1. Blink and it goes past! She's got teeth and is standing and ready to walk; hard to believe it's only been 10 months.