Friday, May 24, 2019

three years later...

and I'm a Virginian on paper. Spent quality time at the DMV (to be fair, the actual process was quick and rather pleasant, it was the lines that were time-consuming. I got there at 7:30 a.m. and the line was already around three sides of the building. Guess I wasn't the only one in the county with that bright idea) and got a piece of paper telling me that they're mailing me a real license. Now to track down a notary and get my lost title squared away.

V. proud to say that I hit 700 consecutive days of French today. Ou, je suis fier de 700 jours de francais. And very much looking forward to a day off~first one since January. It will be divine to have a break from the tedium of commute/office/commute/sleep/commute/office.

Happy kick off to summer all y'all!


  1. I still don't understand how you had to wait in a line if you did stuff online; I thought that meant you just went IN. That's what it means here. Ah, well - at least it's done. Just in time for your parents to have to begin the madness.

    1. Nothing gets done online; except to print out the forms you need. Sigh.