Thursday, July 24, 2014


Squee!  A quarter found on today's sultry walk.

And there's the comfort in knowing that despite the rate of my chocolate consumption~I will most likely never reach the end of the varieties at Trader's. 

And while my tomatoes did not survive the move, the markets are overflowing with such amazing choices of colours.  

Bounty everywhere today.


  1. ::happy sigh::
    I need brownies, I think. I have chocolate sitting in a drawer that needs to be chopped up and added to thinks (it's crappy for plain eating, but hey - it's still chocolate). WHERE are my minions!?!

  2. Methinks they're hanging out with my missing sherpa.

  3. & that green dish that is holding the tomatoes? The perfect casserole pan for brownies. Sigh~too bad there's a ban on baking during the summer.