Friday, July 25, 2014

dare I say, as cute as a bug??!

In the stack of 'welcome to the neighborhood' coupons/papers, I received a certificate to the local hardware store.  (Let's use that phrase loosely from now on~yes, the place does sell tools and such, but one may also buy lots of Italian china and crystal bits from Prague.)

To my delight, utter, this darling little watering can was 75% and they owed me change!!

And as this locally renown bakery was right across the parking lot, decided it was a sign I ought to go in.   The clerk was highly caffeinated and was so crushed that I didn't buy a strawberry macaroon, that he threw one in for free.  It ended up a bit smushed in my book bag by the end of the day, but still ~ for my first encounter with this kind of cookie, I impressed.  Texas Peach won for best flavour of this box.  (Mocha and coconut were the other two.)

Happy Friday y'all.


  1. "...the clerk was highly caffeinated..."
    I can just SEE how that whole exchange went. It had something to do with the zigzag shoes, I'm pretty sure.

    1. He was a darling little 12 yo (well, not really) who was thrilled that I choose sourdough bread~thought he was going to faint or levitate when I agreed that it ought to be sliced there in the cafe.

      Such a fun street~it has the cute pie shop, the chi-chi hardware store and this bakery. Also has a salon that I will try at the end of the summer with my sun fried hair.

  2. Hope these cute and tasty mid-summer ventures foreshadow a good school year coming up!