Monday, November 10, 2014

flashes of joy

A happy little cardinal chomping away at juniper berries outside my classroom window.  I truly do have the most gorgeous view from my desk.

It is SO much fun to unpack when you have room~haven't truly unpacked since my first apartment, so it was delightful to have all of my Grandma Dunston's dishes out again.  And of course, we're thrilled that pomegranates are in season.


  1. A little envious of your cardinals! When I first saw one, midsummer, in Virginia, I was shocked it was still so red despite not having a contrasting white snow... they're so pretty. And piggy.

    1. Some day I would love to see one in the snow. And yes, I was surprised this guy didn't pop from gobbling for about 20 solid minutes. Eat like a bird, my foot.