Friday, June 30, 2017

hearing the sun

You wake wanting the dream
you left behind in sleep,
water washing through everything,
clearing away sediment
of years, uncovering the lost
and forgotten. You hear the sun
breaking on cold grass,
on eaves, on stone steps
outside. You see light
igniting sparks of dust
in the air. You feel for the first
time in years the world
electrified with morning.
You know something has changed
in the night, something you thought
gone from the world has come back:
shooting stars in the pasture,
sleeping beneath a field
of daisies, wisteria climbing
over fences, houses, trees.
This is a place that smells
like childhood and old age.
It is a limb you swung from,
a field you go back to.
It is a part of whatever you do.

"The Arrival of the Past" by Scott Owens from Down to Sleep. © Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2016.


  1. This is so apropos of visiting home, sleeping in an old space, catching up with the past and the future, backwards and forwards, and finally coming to a standstill - being where you are...

    1. That whole being in the moment thing.