Monday, June 5, 2017

the living, it is easy~or at least, a bit laxer

Just a few students to check out on Sunday (admire my gorgeous bracelet from Ghana!) and then I headed to Carytown~my favorite segment of Richmond.  Considered going to the gardens or the museum, but felt too end-of-the-year glazed to focus on anything. 

If you ever ate at this Vietnamese place, you might be as obsessed with their golden rolls as I~there's something about eating fresh vegetables while looking at the pots where they were grown.  Yes, I know that's how our grandparents all lived and I'm glad that many are now on the farm-to-table movement.

Went across the street to their natural spa and had a lovely massage.  A perfect way to kick off this summer.  (Yes, there are faculty meetings all week, but my brain & attitude are on summer break.)


  1. I'm doing more flowers than food this year, but may reconsider that, as I am REALLY loving the fresh rolls and crunchy salad stuff myself... it's a bit frustrating that we can never keep lettuce &etc. in the house for very long. In the UK it made sense to do a shop every other day, because our fridge was the size of my high school locker, but I keep thinking things will keep longer here... well, no. It's much warmer, so that doesn't work. I think having pots of lettuces and things may be the only way to work this out!

    1. Even having some fresh mint & basil leaves would be easy to grow on a windowsill.