Friday, June 23, 2017

summer s'mores

Did you know that they now make flat and square marshmallows?  Genius.

A truly lovely evening~catching up with family.

Seattle does coffee well.

the gorgeous King Street Station

Another travel story to add to my book~disembarked the ferry, expecting to grab a taxi to the Amtrak station.  There were rows of taxis/town cars and all the drivers refused to take me.  Had no idea why until some woman started screaming and swearing at them.  She then came towards me wanting to know where I was going~said to just Jackson & 5th.  

Seems that Seattle taxi drivers (at least in that area) won't take fares unless they are going to the airport~a $40-50 ride.  The woman was a reporter from the Times and was writing a story on this practice.  

Anyway, she yelled and guilted one of the drivers to take me to Amtrak. 

Train travel is a little more elegant way to travel~plenty of leg room and a dining car with real flatware and excellent food.

Pretty sunny views.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Kelso.  Had a very fun lunch~the tables are all four tops, so if you aren't a party of four, they simply seat you as you come in.  I ended up dining with three gentlemen~from China, Vermont, and Seattle. Fun and rambly conversations. 

The one downside was the plus-sized woman who got on in Tacoma and oozed into my seat.  Ugh.  I truly think they ought to have a sample chair out by that suitcase measuring bin~and if you don't fit in one chair, you purchase two tickets.  This was compounded by not having an armrest between us to help block the trespassing.

Anyway!  I had another adventure and made it to the correct MAX stop to meet my Portland cousin. And while we were out for dinner, when the waiter asked the table (really asking the child with us) if we wanted balloon animals, I promptly asked for a butterfly.    It's important to keep one's inner child alive!


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    1. Old wheel! I'm still marveling at the invention of square/flat marshmallows.