Wednesday, June 7, 2017

just let go

It's funny how
if you just let go
of things they
will come to
you. That is to say
sometimes. So what
good is such a
Ah, it makes you
feel good to say
such things from
time to time,
as if you actually
and really and truly
knew something!

"For a Moment" by Ron Padgett from Collected Poems. © Coffee House Press, 2013.

Letting go~making space for the new.  If only it were as inwardly easy as it is to donate bags and boxes to the Goodwill.  Feeling grateful for some lazy summer days to allow what's next to float upwards.


  1. Blowing dandelions is easier than going on job appointments. I'm in.

  2. Plus, we're creating dandelions of the future~win/win!