Monday, June 12, 2017


Into DC to the Aveda Institute to fix my hairs today~of course, I went to that fab little vege place and had a crispy chicken sandwich.

As the metro was running smoothly today (maybe they make more of an effort during work days to keep the trains running?), I had an hour to spend prior to my appointment.  AND.  As it was cresting 100 degrees, I went into The National Portrait Gallery~a museum I've avoided for years, thinking that it was filled with sombre and tedious oil portraits.

I was delighted to be wrong.  This is the ceiling of the inner courtyard.  I actually ran out of time to see the entire thing (have a feeling that one never sees the entire Smithsonian exhibits), but enjoyed so much of what I did see.

Altars made entirely out of foil!

A groovy Hockney in black light.

Something swirly that reminded me of Wonka.

La Chandelle (candle flame)

Something large & whimsical~you ought to know by now that I rarely read the paragraph descriptions attached to exhibits.  I prefer to ramble around and to make up my own meanings.

A cool street view framed by stained glass.  Another fun urban outing AND I made it out to the hinterlands without hitting a deer tonight.  I also refrained from trying to snap a pic of the swarms of fireflies alongside the road.


  1. How interesting that you thought you'd dislike a portrait gallery. Faces - and the depiction of said - are usually one of my favorite things... along with loads of inanimate objets d'art like armor and baskets and things - I'd much rather look at faces than splatters and slashes.