Thursday, June 29, 2017

leapin' lizards

Well, not really.  Spend the day with a belated Father's Day celebration by heading to the foothills~hitting Sonora, Columbia, and Angel's Camp.

At St. Charles Saloon in Columbia, we found some excellent pizza and sarsaparilla.

While the blacksmith did not have his forge going, there were still fun horsehoe-y things to admire.

Moving along to Calaveras County, got to read all the frog stats on the sidewalks.  It would be interesting and/or alarming to see a 4-inch frog jump over 16 feet.

Penny found in the Winco parking lot~in the shade may I add?  I've learned to not pick up coins during the summer that are in full sun.


  1. How many times did you burn your fingers before leaving the hot coins alone? ;)

  2. Probably the entire first summer in Austin.