Saturday, June 3, 2017

random and fleeting

Yes, I am lovin' the Hairspray prop a little too much.  It just gives one a lift to have sparkles on one's head!  Besides, the Arts people should have something kickier on their heads than a flat black cap.

Found this on an old collage and took the reminder to heart as I waft about in the unknowing.

The beginnings of the line up~we are all deeply grateful that the predicted storms are not happening.

I really am a sucker for academic regalia.  Just love seeing a row of smart (or dedicated to education) colleagues.

The Honor Society students came swarming at the faculty with boutineers for the Awards Banquet.  It's exciting to have a teen jabbing a long sharp pin at you in the middle of a jubilant crowd.    And the best part of the entire day was walking home in swarms of fireflies!  I so wish I could capture them on camera.


  1. It sounds like there are some lovely, lovely things at this place and some things not so lovely -- here's hoping you can either find a way to balance them, or -- somewhere else to find your balance.