Sunday, June 4, 2017

la, lalalalaaala, la, la la la, la.

In case you missed it, the title is the rhythm of Pomp and Circumstance.   

It was the perfect day~river breezes and happy families and relieved and weary faculty/students.

The attempt in lining up the Seniors.

Faculty procession.

My view for the ceremony.

We finally got a quorum of choir members to get at least one formal photo this year.

Being a teacher is a bittersweet profession~one works so hard to teach them well on all levels.  Then graduation comes and while one is vastly proud of what they've done, it's hard to say good-bye and send them on their way.

Be grateful that I didn't post photos of the ten of us dorm staff who then spent the entire rest of the day, inventorying and cleaning three dorms.


  1. Your commencement reminds me so much of Mills' that I'm all nostalgic! Of course, you actually had Pomp & Etc. - we had a frothy song on gamelan and bubbles blowing. There were lots of flower crowns, too, instead of mortarboards; we were SUPPOSED to wear them, but - meh, some people opted out. Which was very Mills, too.

    I hope that any women's institution should be that focused on allowing the girls to BE ORIGINALS.

    1. Let's just say that next year the girls either have to wear tea length OR participate a lesson in sitting.