Tuesday, June 20, 2017

travelisaluxury, travelisaluxury

LA is still the icky smog-filled view I remember
If you've ever watched Father of the Bride II, you might remember a montage when a couple is driving home from the ob/gyn's where they just learned that they are going to be parents.  The mother is looking out on dreamy, glowing children and parents on the right sidewalk and the father is looking out the car on his side at hellions.

Yes, they have Peet's back east, but it tastes better in the west

That pretty much describes travel~at least with the masses.  I cannot speak to first class travels.  Yet. 

There were the 8 year-old twin jerks who were flinging themselves on everyone's luggage and riding it around the carousel.  There was the man eating a large can of Pringles with his mouth WIDE open. There was the person behind us who was in the final stages of lung rot.  The flight delays.

But then, there's the funny lady at the lunch counter who handed me my vege option with a "Chicken? Double chicken, right?" cackle.  The goofy pilot who came out and sauntered around the waiting room, just chit-chatting with his passengers.  The lovely former Texan grandmother just back from visiting her grands in VA (I LOVE those people because I can barrage them with all my photos of cuteness in VA.) And just all the variety in humanity that one gets to observe by moving out of the daily routine.  And, after driving across America a few times, it is astonishing to me that I can go from one Washington to the other in a few hours via air travel.

And now, I am freshly showered and ensconced in a darling Air BnB in Beacon Hill.   While I've been a musician for decades now, I cannot say that I have ever slept in a room with a giant harp!!  

Stay tuned for ferry boats and cousinly adventures.


  1. I cannot say that I have ever encountered someone showing me photographs in an airport. Or on a plane.

    You have such an interesting (in the Chinese fortune sense) life...