Wednesday, July 13, 2016

here, kitty kitty

Had a delightful and delicious lunch  with a colleague this afternoon.

Everything is hollowed out for cats to snuggle in.

Another perk was that their computer system was down, and as we didn't have cash on us~lunch was gratis!


  1. Those little animal places are always such a cute ... idea, but I have issues with the cleanliness of most restaurants ANYWAY, and to add cats and catboxes to it just gives me SHUDDERS. I guess it's different if you live with an animal and you're okay with the occasional hair... I could see a very cozy bookstore with cats, but somehow cats and food... not for me.

    1. They do all the cooking in their food trailer & only served bottled water, etc. It's very clean.

      The Yelp reviews are hilarious as I guess some people didn't realize that it was a vegan cafe full of cats.