Sunday, July 10, 2016

respite & rejuvination

Just back from my forty-eight hours of dog-sitting in the hill country.  It was a blissful weekend~from the sweet-natured dogs to the pool to the quiet to the exquisite and charming home.  Funny how just a few miles away can seem another county.

I also purposely disconnected from the torrent of words that are filling the world right now.   And yes, I realise that I have the luxury of doing so~my world is generally a very safe and privileged one.  It was a day of quietness and reflection.  

Texan July sun ain't so bad when there's a pool nearby
Totally illegal, but who could resist that sweet face?

The guest suite

Probably the only time my car will be in the same garage as a Ferrari 

My host was inspired by my sister's Lindt-filled guest pillow~so this is to show her that others can do chocolate :)

Six burners of a Viking stove!  

The outside dining and lounging area~I spent pretty much the entire weekend either floating in the pool or reading in various lounge chairs

My French concoction 

The graceful entrance


    That is ALL that was important about this entire post, according to my brain. I was all, "blah, blah, blah, lovely pool, blah, blah, blah, nice car. Blah, blah - CHOCOLATE!?!?!?!?!"

    And, I still want the pool, though. They can keep their dogs and their chairs and their car(s).

    1. It's their newest flavour & I HIGHLY suggest that you get yourself a bar. Or two.

    2. Also? Don't take it outside with you~unless you enjoy licking chocolate off the foil wrapper. (and yes, I could have put it in the fridge, but then it's all weird & crinkly.)