Sunday, July 17, 2016

"ice cream is jumpin" isn't quite as catchy as the original "fish are"

Best view of a summer~floating under clouds and oak tree

As it's National Ice Cream Day, had to pop into's Amy's~where they toss the ice cream.  While not as interactive as the fish tossing in Pike's Place, it certainly smells better!


  1. Whaaaa? Tossing ice cream??? We're heading out to participate in the day's festivity, but not sure which ice cream shop yet.

    1. One of my alums who moved here to go to UT was thrilled because the first she went to this shop, they told her they'd Todd it to her & if she caught it? It was free. She did!

  2. I assuming you were autocorrected to Todd? If not, I want all the todds to know that their nouns have been verbed!!

    I think I prefer the tossed fish; at least it was a show in which I was never invited to participate. What if she'd dropped it???? Quel messy.

  3. Yes, I'll take tossed ice cream over fish ANY day of the week!