Friday, July 22, 2016

I have to believe such music...a return to Poetry Friday

I have to believe a Beethoven
string quartet is not unlike
the elliptical music of gossip:
one violin excited
to pass its small story along
to the next violin and the next
until, finally, come full circle,
the whole conversation is changed.
And I have to believe such music
is at work at the deep heart of things,
that under the protons and electrons,
behind the bosons and quarks,
with their bonds and strange attractors,
these strings, these tiny vibrations,
abuzz with their big ideas,
are filling the universe with gossip,
the unsung art of small talk
that, not unlike busybody Beethoven,
keeps us forever together, even
when everything’s flying apart.

"String Theory" by Ronald Wallace from For Dear Life. © University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015.

It still seems that the world has gone completely mad recently~although, maybe it's always been discordant.  Hot July is a good time to lie still and listen to music and to fiercely focus on the small wonders in the day.

Pre-cut watermelon is a genius idea for those of us with teeny kitchens.

The girl is happy when she's in/near the water.


  1. I prefer to buy "personal size" watermelons and cut them up myself, because I can be more sure of the cleanliness of my cutting boards and knives! (And, as I say that, I realize I learned from my mother to believe I'd get salmonella from EVERYTHING - and yet I never have, EVER. Funny, that.)

    1. :). I need to get my knives sharpened~right now, they're a hazard. Mangled a tomato the other night because the blades are dull.

  2. Haven't seen that poetry - lovely. Also your smiling face - like to see it.