Monday, July 4, 2016

Watermelons squared and chocolate misting

Where'd the water go?

Cool underground courtyard for the Capitol employees

New exhibit at the Texas State Museum

I want to try this~real watermelon, grown in square containers for ease of shipping

Whole Foods demo kitchen~mirror shot

Vegan cookie with beet-dyed sugar and my red shoe

It's science, Dad~you really do have super-sensitive taste buds!

The Jane Austen room display was all about the ice cream she enjoyed while living the high life at her brother's estate

Oh yes, please!!!!

A small pony from the gift shop?

Just a gorgeous sunny day

Happy 4th~stay tuned for fuzzy firework photos!


  1. Are we VAPING chocolate now???? Wouldn't you choke on dry powdered chocolate??? Oddly enough, I always did on backpacking trips... trying to eat it out of the pouch without actually preparing it... And I ate Kool-Aid like that, too, until I saw my fingers. ::sigh::

    1. Oh, and the melons are SUPER easy; we shaped a pumpkin once. I think it's a wee bit sad, like shaping a baby's head or something, but it's all in fun. I GUESS.

    2. I think it's more like a mist of chocolate. Yes, dyed fingers from Kool-aid packets!

      I liked how it's a natural solution to shipping instead of genetically changing fruits.

  2. Hmm, not sure about that square watermelon!

    And I'm surprised that your statue is void of water! With all your flooding, you'd think it'd be floating! :)