Wednesday, March 15, 2017

au revoir

Cool strata of mixed sands. 

Cool idea for a way to display shells~I chopped off the top of the photo, but they're holding fresh flowers in place.

Last cup of beach coffee. 

The lovely courtyard at the city hotel where I had dinner.

Flavors of Texas!

While I did have a wake-up knock, the hotel grounds had a flock of chickens and couple of roosters, so I was well awake by 5 to catch the airport shuttle.  The moon was out and the breeze was warm.  The day went rapidly downhill from there.  

The screening equipment in my line wasn't working~even the security people were setting it off.  As I was wearing a tank top and flip-flops, I don't know why they couldn't just let me go through.  Barely made my flight.  But I did get my bottle of hot sauce through.  So, there's that.

Miami-Dade Airport is a mess.  Dirty and disorganized.  Our flight kept getting delayed and then, after they let us board?  We sat on the tarmac for over an hour.  I was fortunate enough to sit next to a chick who had enjoyed the duty-free shop~my eyes were watering from the stench of perfumes.  (It was so strong that I could smell it on my clothes eight hours later when I got home)

Pretty sunset in DC
Finally got to DC where the wind chill was 12.  Standing and waiting for the shuttle in said tank/flip-flops was not fun.  But, I did find my car and lurched it out of the ice/snow bank in which it was stuck.   Back at my place long enough to do laundry and swap out my island wardrobe for winter clothing~fleeing early in the morning as the alarm company is there all day, testing alarms and strobes.


  1. Oh, dear. You flew home in the flip flops!? Yikes!
    And Miami-Dade is the PITTS; the worst experiences (airwise, anyway) of my life are all there. Or in Houston.

    UGH. Glad you made it back safely and are doing wash and re-calibrating with the Littles. Take time by yourself if you need it before students!

    1. It was warm & springy when I left~besides, there wasn't room in my backpack for boots.

      I plan to never go through Miami again.

      It's a quiet rainy weekend.