Thursday, March 2, 2017

fish fry

Today, we were supposed to go fishing and learn how to catch/clean fish.  However, between the wild weather and trying to figure out how to buy fishing licenses (for both fresh and salt water~as our river contains both) with students who don't have SSN, we scrapped it.

We went ahead with the idea and made:  hush puppies, curly fries, double-battered chicken, fish, coleslaw, and berry crumbles with fresh cream.

We (I) got a little enthused when buying cabbage~thought we wouldn't have enough.

Every time I go to Anthropologie (which is rare now~probably a good thing), I seem to buy one or two of these little bowls.  They are the perfect size for SO many things and you can bake in them.

They've served some very happy memories over the past decade, so it's money well spent.

Our feast.

Daffodils that I stole from in front of the Admin Building.


  1. It makes me laugh that you have allll the little bowls. I suppose I should, erm, start thinking of pretty things like that. I have Pyrex bowls, a few ramekins, but... it never occurs to me to buy pretty as well as practical, I guess. I don't think I use things like that enough to warrant it. But then, I'm a person with early 1800's gold-rimmed china, and how practical is that?

    1. They are super sturdy & am finding them as useful as ramekins. Perhaps Santa will bring you some...

  2. Do not fry fish in your home. Just saying. Do not fry fish in your home if you want to inhabit that home after the frying.

    Sous vide cooking of fish in an herb-filled broth, using a turkey basting bag, works fabulously, and means you don't have any stench roaming about the place. Also, you can reduce that broth for use in a sauce, after.

    1. Even the life-long fishers in our group were adamant about frying everything outside.