Tuesday, March 7, 2017

il neige

It is snowing blossoms right now, but in a couple of days, may turn to actual frozen snow.  

It is the perfect time to dust off my passport and head to Central America.  Hard to believe that it's been a decade since I've done any international travels~sorry Canada, you don't truly seem to count as international.

Stay tuned for holiday adventures.


  1. Can't wait to hear and see. Not even a peep of destination yet? I have the travel bug badly, but we are doing a staycation this spring break. Will do this vicariously, and so glad you get to go.

    1. Costa Rica! Never been~looking forward to it!!

  2. Goodness, you've got the flowers! Meanwhile, I hear it's snowing in both NY and Maryland, so indeed, you missed the wild weather - and I hope you're prepared for it to still be ongoing when you get back!