Thursday, March 9, 2017

Casa Caribe

My host just chopped the top off a coconut and placed a straw in it~so now I am taking a sun break and am all settled in to post a few first impressions of my first time in Costa Rica.

I lucked out with window seats for both flights~love being on the other side of clouds.  My hopes of napping were squelched by women on each flight, seated behind me, who were determined to use up their daily allotment of words.

And yes, Magee's words floated through my head~"oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth".

arco iris~taxi driver taught me this vocab
Had the usual urban taxi experience from the San Jose airport to the Caribe bus terminal.  Where I learned that the busses there go to the Pacific side of things.  As my Spanish is minimal, decided it wasn't a great time to suggest that they change their name so that it makes sense to travelers.  Found a sketchy taxi driver who assured me he knew exactly which depot I needed; I was hoping so, because I knew there was only one bus left to leave this afternoon.  Sat in an urine-soaked terminal for about an hour~I was the only American around.  Fortunately, there was only one bus to catch and we were lurching off.

The driving style here reminds me so much of Italy~it seems to be a contact sport with lots of beeping and swooping.  With the madcap skills of the many scooters and motorcyclists, I was surprised to not see any maiming nor death.

It was dark and misty by now, so I could only see the outline of foreign jungle foliage~huge leaves, slapping the side of the bus.  We went over roads so rough I'm pretty sure that I left a couple of molars alongside the road.  By the time we crested down into the Caribbean side of things, the skies cleared and I could see stars.

This was one of the more casual bus trips I've been on~and one of the more nerve-wracking ones.  I was the only American on the bus and no one spoke English.  The driver would bellow things once in awhile and some passengers would yell back.  From the few words I understood, he was asking if anyone wanted bathroom or food breaks.

He also would stop at random country roads and people would disembark.  Finally, he yelled something that sounded like "Viejo" and I got off.  I found a taxi driver who pointed me in the right direction and I walked to the B&B.  It's basic, but clean and safe.

Two hammocks right outside my door. 

Walking down the road to a black sand beach.  FYI?  It burns the feet quickly.   That never happened on the Oregon coast.

Stumbled upon a gorgeous fruit and vegetarian cafe for some of the best huevos I've had. 

Coconut water filled with the goodness of apples and celery.

I'm gonna have bruises from pinching myself that I'm on the Caribbean.  Have wanted to come here ever since reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

My Air BnB.

Gioia came with me~while she liked Virginia Beach, she's liking this one just a little bit more. 

The only downside to today is I'm realizing that clothing/towels never dry.  Guess I won't worry about being dehydrated in this moist climate. 

Stumbled upon another vegan cafe; ironically, perched upon a Canadian butcher shop.

Mango this time. 

Feasted on avocado in some kind of wrap while watching the attempts of first-time surfers.  An excellent first morning.  Now I feel a siesta coming on~perfect timing as I see thunderheads piling up.  Pura vida, as the motto says above my table.


  1. Looks lovely! SO happy that you get to hang out there and pamper yourself.

    1. It's a marvellous trip, but I wouldn't call it pampered~adventuresome for sure!

  2. Tim's wife Laura has an uncle living in Puerto Vallarta. If you need help, call us, and we'll figure something out. Stay safe!

    1. Wjen I go to Mexico, I will ask for jis info!

  3. Your Auntie Carroll is lovely. ☺

    I now want a coconut. Apparently, fresh ones grated make some amazing desserts - a wholly new taste. I hope you enjoy all of the naps and bring back some wonderful souvenirs. I've never been to the Caribbean; it always has looked rather hot/damp, but I am positive skin and hair must look lovely!