Tuesday, March 21, 2017

sprigs of happy

Some bejeweled pencils to add sparkle to writing.

Some of the teeniest blossoms I've ever seen. 

Some beautiful green flowers.

More funds for travel found while walking to the post.


  1. We are having the WEIRDEST weather! I was wakened this morning but the sound of water trickling... and I thought the tap was on, seriously. Moments later, the roaring I heard was raindrops, and the trickle was the gutters being unable to handle the water. That was at four thirty-ish. It is now COMPLETELY clear and sunny hot.

    I just don't know where we live anymore. (In more ways than one...)

  2. We don't go from wet to hot - but guess I was spoiled by warm, sunny days last summer. Rain isn't a disaster, but I am tired of the sogginess. Like how you provide color and gratitude to your blog.